Training & Services

Diversity and InclusionTraining and Diversity Culture Benchmarking
Employment Practice Audits
Audits include reviewing the company’s Complaint infrastructure and related factors in assessing overall risk exacerbating and mitigating factors.

Corporate Training
Training regarding the Recognition of Triggers of Employment Practice Claims.

Mediation of all employee-related conflicts that may ripen into complaints and intra C-Suite disputes that devolve into separations.

Employment Practice Audits
Audits include reviewing the company’s infrastructure, hiring practices, terminations, promotions, exit interviews, etc. 

Diversity & Inclusion Training
Training and instruction to help companies (from entry-level to the C-Suite or Senior Management) to help participants gain cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity and inclusion as a business tool to add value. 

Dispute Resolution System Design 
Construction of an ADR infrastructure in order to resolve employment practice claims,customer complaints or business disputes. 

Complaint Investigation and Employee Handbook Review
The Employee Handbook should be, ideally, a working document that is updated or reviewed annually based on internal or external changes. 

21st Century Career Strategies: Negotiating Raises, Severance Packages
This is a course specifically for current college student, graduates, the graduate student, the mid-career professional, professional associations and the recently separated from employment. How long should a search last based on my salary and experience? When, if at all, should a lawyer be used for a severance negotiation? How do I identify leverage to negotiate raises?, etc. 

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