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The Granderson Group is a dispute resolution consulting firm that utilizes its expertise in Employment Practice, Human Resources, Dispute Resolution and Securities Compliance etc. to proactively assist its clients to address, manage, resolve, and predict harassment issues.


Workplace Harassment is an issue that transcends race, class and gender. As a result of changes in legislation, there are more suits than ever being filed.

There will invariably be conflicts in the workplace as firms grow and become more diverse. The intrinsically discordant nature of human beings coupled with the litigious tendencies of some and the passage of empowering legislation, i.e. Title VII, ADA, etc., has created a volatile claim environment. Changes in legislation coupled with high damage awards and lofty settlements has empowered and emboldened today’s employees.
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It is an unfortunate workplace reality that in-house Legal Staffs and Human Resources (HR), at best, can only react to workplace claims, as opposed to proactively investigating potential problems. Moreover, HR and Legal are also limited by the communications and information presented by management, which is often incomplete. Finally, HR and Legal are burdened by an intrinsic bias against the employee, i.e. personal and professional relationships that invariably form between Management, Legal and HR. As a result of this bias, employees invariably eschew the workplace when seeking redress, thus, the exponential proliferation of law suits, agency charges and complaints.


  • Diversity & EEO Training and Seminars
  • Investigating Employee Complaints
  • Management Seminars on How to Identify, Reduce and Resolve Employment Practice claims
  • Dispute Resolution system Design
  • Employment Practice Audits
  • Workplace Empowerment Seminars for Professional Associations and universities
  • Private Arbitrations and Mediations
  • Mediation for inter-student disputes at Colleges
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